urban prefer Based on our vision of life aesthetics and urban culture,
we provide consumers with an innovative and unique user experience.
We do not aim to impress users with visually dazzling displays and complicated features.
Instead, we take simplicity and the life sphere as our starting point in the pursuit of simple and practical designs that gives users a pleasant sensory experience.

In the context of our busy urban lives and the large number of industrial products at our disposal
many products only satisfy short-lived functional demands. Urban prefer
on the other hand, cares more about the interaction between the user and the product than functional specifications.

Restless urban travelers need to be exposed to positive vibes for a certain time before they are able to sense them.
Similarly, certain cultures require closer scrutiny to be fully understood.
We sometimes need to slow down to digest certain emotions and tenderness requires deliberate consideration to become palpable. Likewise
the starting point of life aesthetics is a focus on every little detail in our daily lives.

As a consequence, all of our designs originate from precious fragments of our daily lives that our designers observe and incorporate into their work.
These fragments finally turn into simple, toned-down, and practical designs that enrich every moment of your lives.


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