Only 40 percent effort required, so you can save the rest to maintain your composure

Professional office design
Only 40% effort required
Using a stapler is made easy with this effort-saving patented design. Specially designed for handling large numbers of urgent documents. Prevents muscle soreness and sprains. Stapling is as easy as putting lipstick on your lips!
Dual usage methods
Use your left or right hand, your fingers or your palms! Don't waste any effort and do your work leisurely and comfortably.
A beautiful design concept that makes sense
Choose from three different sizes
Three different lipstick sizes to match the standard 10-size and 3-size staples on the market. The lipstick stapler will always meet your requirements no matter how big your workload is.
New concept for a beautiful
office space
Beautiful erect design, Exhibiting your great personal tastes, Space-saving concept that beautifies your office. Always bring a good mood to your office!
Load staples with attitude
Easy to use loading button
Gently press the square loading button located on the back end to eject the drawer-like staple compartment at the front. The beauty lies in its simplicity. Always be ready for the next battle!
Safe loading procedure
Unlike traditional staple loading mechanisms we used a universal design concept to create a completely different staple compartment. Never worry about staples being stuck in the spring which guarantees safe functioning of the stapler.




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