iPad2 & New iPad CASE

Helps you adjust display angle with stylish case



A Practical accessory with different functions


Provides storage for headphone cables
There is a storage device for headphone cables inside the case that prevents cables from tangling and keeps them in order so you can always listen to your favorite music in style.
Choose your own viewing angle
The storage device for your headphone cables also serves as a stand for your iPad. Choose the best angle according to your own preferences. Use your iPad with ease and great comfort.

Little square holes with great effect


Smart cooling
The ventilation holes have a cooling effect and help prevent overheating which is a common problem with protective cases on the market.
Easy retrieval
The perforated design prevents your iPad from sliding out of the case and guarantees worry-free use.

Thoughtful design provides complete protection


Soft materials protect your iPad
TPR materials have a shock-reducing and slide-preventing effect. These soft materials are easy to apply and remove. They increase the height of the device and prevent it from scratches. The furry surface is very easy to clean.
Well-thought-out design guarantees
convenient use
The protective cover does not have to be removed to access the keyboard and jacks. The perforated design protects all jacks from damage. CODE 2 enhances your iPad user experience.




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