Mr.Robot starts to utilize your space and time

Smart, safe, and well-thought-out design
Ejecting pencils made easy
The dial on the back of the sharpener is equipped with an eject button which is very helpful if pencils are stuck or too short. Just press the button gently to release the pencil. It's so safe to use that even a child can operate it.
Automatic safety button
An automatic safety button is hidden inside the sharpener. If  the pencil shaving container is inserted incorrectly, the smart mechanism will be deactivated which will automatically cut off power if the angle exceeds 105 degrees. Sharpen with ease and without any safety concerns!
Great efficiency combined with large capacity
Convenient large capacity
The pencil shaving container has a large capacity and doesn't spill easily.It is also equipped with a large handle which makes it easy to pull out and keep your desk clean.
Large storage capacity
There is a secret storage area hidden under the helmet area of the cubically designed robot sharpener. Pencils and rulers can be stored in the top part and small objects like glue and cleaning cloths in the bottom part. The cubic object will fit perfectly into your office environment.
Users have multiple selections available
to them
Equipped with a yellow dial with three different settings for sharpness adjustment.  Designed for round, hexagonal, or triangular pencil types




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