Create a little farm on your desk right now! See? Cute cow is eating your pencil!

Sharpen your pencil safely and with ease
Don't waste any energy using your little cow sharpener
Automatic feeding mechanism Insert your pencil into the sharpener, rotate clockwise to feed the pencil into the sharpener and counter-clockwise to eject it. Smart time- and effort-saving design. Even children can use it with ease.
Safe and trouble-free design
All metal screws are hidden to prevent injuries. Safe and injury-free design. Children can use it happily, and adults can buy it without having to worry.
Let this cute little cow
be your study partner
The sharpener expression can be customized to the customer's wishes
Fun interactive photo frame feature. Change the cow's headshot to your liking. It's just like having your own personal pet.
Warm and comfortable
Shaped as a cute little white cow. The big-bottomed cow has a warm and comfortable feel to it making it a pure pleasure to use.
Environmentally-friendly, sustainable design concept
Economical milk bottle-shaped
pen holder
The ideal addition to your cute little cow sharpener. Extend your pencil's lifespan and put even short pencils to good use with this pen holder to treasure resources.
Use green materials to care
for our earth
We use recyclable, environmentally-
friendly materials. Let this little cow
be a part of your daily life and make a statement of environmental responsibility.




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