iPhone 5 Case

Genius Cases, Advanced
Protection, Experience
The World In Any Angle


Irresistible Convenience, Simply Standing, Easily Viewing


With coins or cards, stand your iPhone at any moment
Extend the concept of intelligent standing features, the new version is suitable for 14 types of coins as well as credit cards and business cards even. Take 5, help you create your big world with tiny tools in pockets! 
Various Angles, Stable And Practical
Precisely calculate the standing angles for stable display and seeing with comfortable ways.
The Real Difference Hide Behind The Details
Details are what we care the most when designing
Matte surface and polishing grooves with different thickness makes the case more attractive visually. The logo is engraved on the side to show low-profile style that provides better quality as accessory.
Smooth Surface Perfectly
Fits Your Hands
The thickness of case rim is only 3mm lower than the middle, and it’s just the radian when griping iPhone, fitting palms to prevent it from dropping down. 
Transform Large Into Tiny
Surprising scene built with
crisscross lines
The back grooves draw virtual streets, let’s stay in our private little corner peacefully for a while.
Let Your World Become Colorful
Black and white, the most classic colors in fashion always! Still cherry pink, bright blue and elegant grey, keep your unique style and paint your life as you wish. 


Why Not “Beyond Control” Sometimes?
Horizontally or vertically, any time,
any way
Find the perfect angle no matter operating apps, watching videos, or playing games, stop being controlled, Take 5 helps you do anything freely! 
Make Memories Not Out Of Focus
As a holder when shooting in auto-photo mode, easily record everything and never miss something you like!




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