Flat clinch and power saving design make you more efficient with office routines and limited space

Powerful office secret tool
Only 40% effort required 
Only 40 percent effort required with this patented double-lever mechanism. Just gently press to staple up to 30-35 sheets with minimum effort. Even a large number of urgent documents can be handled with ease. Specially designed for people who have to deal with documents on a daily basis.
Tidy flat-clinch design
Flat-clinch design that can manage a large number of pages and keep order on your office desk. It is also a space-saving device that creates room for recreation and leisure.
Smart loading mechanism with double capacity
Outstanding capacity and efficiency
Easily load two sticks of staples each time. Double capacity means double efficiency. Success belongs to those who are well-prepared!
Practical staple indicator
The staple compartment is equipped with a staple indicator to notify users when the staple count is running low so they are not interrupted halfway through their work.
Easy Subtraction Design
Well-devised, light design
Return to the fundamentals of a stapler. The design looks simple but is actually quite sophisticated, handy, and easy to use.
Simple and compact loading process
Just press the loading button on the back to automatically eject the staple compartment at the front. Loading staples has never been so easy, giving you new confidence in carrying on with your work.




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