Make your statement about life attitude via the small case.

Add value to your life
Fast response times
You don't have to take the card out of the holder Just swipe the card inside the holder for fast access. Roam the city with ease and enhanced convenience. Save time and enjoy life at the same time!
Thoughtful design with attached string
The card holder comes with a string to attach it to your body or even place it at the bottom of your bag.This string saves you the trouble of searching for your card and helps you display your personal attitude in a composed manner.
Many choices to show
that you care
Use icons to make a personal statement
The grenade symbolizes an anti-war stance the faucet stands for water conservation, and the light bulb in the lamp represents electricity conservation Make a loud statement that shows that you care for our earth.
Unique personal accessories
Two surface types with a unique character. The glossy surface draws people's attention while the matted anti-scratch surface shows class. There are seven colors to choose from to show off your unique personality – from serene black to sweet pink. Show your environmental awareness with style.
Safe and smart
patented design
Patented groove design
Due to the patented structure of the design, the card can be inserted into the holder easily and will be held in place without slipping out of the holder. Insert a coin into the groove to remove and replace the card without much effort.
Solid protective material
The solid hard case is impact-proof, economical, and practical, and helps extend the lifespan of the card . It also protects the card from scratches.




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